Source code for almanac.types.comparisons

from typing import Any, Type

from typing_inspect import is_union_type, get_args

[docs]def is_matching_type( _type: Type, annotation: Any ) -> bool: """Return whether a specified type matches an annotation. This function does a bit more than a simple comparison, and performs the following extra checks: - If the ``annotation`` is a union, then the union is unwrapped and each of its types is compared against ``_type``. - If the specified ``_type`` is generic, it will verify that all of its parameters match those of a matching annotation. """ # Look for an easy win. if _type == annotation: return True # If annotation is Union, we unwrap it to check against each of the possible inner # types. if is_union_type(annotation): if any(_type == tt for tt in get_args(annotation, evaluate=True)): return True # If both the global type and the argument annotation can be reduced to # the same base type, and have equivalent argument tuples, we can # assume that they are equivalent. # TODO return False