Source code for almanac.hooks.types

from typing import Any, Callable, Coroutine, Protocol, TypeVar, Union

from prompt_toolkit.formatted_text import FormattedText

# In the future, would like to make AsyncHookCallback a generic protocol-based type. In
# the meantime, we'll settle for the ambiguous return type of Any.
# Seems to depend on this issue:
AsyncHookCallback = Callable[..., Coroutine[Any, Any, Any]]

_T = TypeVar('_T', covariant=True)

[docs]class PromoterFunction(Protocol[_T]): def __call__(self, __raw_value: Any) -> _T: ...
[docs]class AsyncNoArgsCallback(Protocol[_T]): def __call__(self) -> Coroutine[Any, Any, _T]: ...
[docs]class SyncNoArgsCallback(Protocol[_T]): def __call__(self) -> _T: ...
[docs]class AsyncExceptionHookCallback(Protocol): # mypy does not seem to respect trying to annotate __exc with Exception, so we # leave it as Any for now. def __call__(self, __exc: Any) -> Coroutine[Any, Any, Any]: ...
PromptCallback = SyncNoArgsCallback[Union[str, FormattedText]]