Source code for almanac.errors.generic_errors

from .almanac_error import AlmanacError

[docs]class AlmanacKeyError(AlmanacError, KeyError): """A subclass of KeyError that does not surround exception messages with quotes.""" def __str__( self ) -> str: return str(self.args[0])
[docs]class FrozenAccessError(AlmanacError): """An exception type for invalid accesses on frozen objects."""
[docs]class PositionalValueError(ValueError, AlmanacError): """An exception that holds a specific, error-causing input position.""" def __init__( self, msg: str, error_pos: int ) -> None: super().__init__(msg) self._error_pos = error_pos @property def error_pos( self ) -> int: """The zero-based index of an error-causing position.""" return self._error_pos