Source code for almanac.completion.word_completer

from typing import Callable, Iterable, List, Union

from prompt_toolkit.completion import CompleteEvent, Completion, Completer
from prompt_toolkit.document import Document

from ..parsing import last_incomplete_token_from_document

[docs]class WordCompleter(Completer): """A WordCompleter that works properly with almanac's command grammar. This class is necessary due to the way that the prompt toolkit WordCompleter relies on filtering based on the current word under the cursor, which will break in scenarios in the almanac grammar when trying to yield completion values for a key=val input (since the word under the cursor is "key=val"). """ def __init__( self, words: Union[List[str], Callable[[], List[str]]] ) -> None: self._words = words
[docs] def get_completions( self, document: Document, complete_event: CompleteEvent ) -> Iterable[Completion]: words = self._words if callable(words): words = words() last_token = last_incomplete_token_from_document(document) needle = last_token.value for word in words: if word.startswith(needle): yield Completion(word, start_position=-len(needle))