Source code for almanac.arguments.mutable_argument

from typing import List

from prompt_toolkit.completion import Completer

from .argument_base import ArgumentBase
from .frozen_argument import FrozenArgument

[docs]class MutableArgument(ArgumentBase): """An encapsulation of an argument which can be mutated.""" def _abstract_display_name_setter( self, new_display_name: str ) -> None: self._display_name = new_display_name def _abstract_description_setter( self, new_description: str ) -> None: self._description = new_description def _abstract_hidden_setter( self, new_value: bool ) -> None: self._hidden = new_value @property def completers( self ) -> List[Completer]: return self._completers
[docs] def freeze( self ) -> FrozenArgument: return FrozenArgument( self.param, name=self.display_name, description=self.description, completers=self.completers, hidden=self.hidden )